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brain training made easy

Guide to effective brain training
Brain training made easy
Leave your comfort zone and enter the learning zone! In the learning zone, throw trodden paths of thought overboard and open to new experiences that require off you courage and overcoming, but require effort.

For years, scientists working on effective learning methods, and that in part with considerable success. On these pages, you'll learn how brain and memory work, get to know the method of the mental activation training, a kind of brain jogging, and by means of special exercises, you increase your memory power and ability to concentrate a lot. Much fun! »

Basic training

Basic training.
These exercises train the ability for information recording and storage of information in short-term memory.




picture riddles

Pictures. Objects of everyday life are hidden behind masks. It can be seen only snippets. You guess the object!





Creativity. Leave established ways of thinking and approaching problems from different perspectives.




brain teaser

Brain teaser.
This item type trains your analytical and logical reasoning. In addition to trained short-term memory.




memory exercises

Memory exercises. Through these exercises, you will learn to store information and to remember again. Information storage and memory will be trained.






Brain teaser basic exercises

mythical animals

count digit as fast as possible



 letter salad



interactive: controlled with mouse or finger


   picture riddle


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picture riddles


Catch the mole. Be fast!

catch the mole