Brainteasers for Kids


Gehirnjogging leicht gemacht

Use Brain Teasers for  Kids to have Fun

With Brain teasers for kids you will have fun, whether you are a kid or adult.
Leave your comfort zone and enter the learning zone! In the study zone, you throw overboard paths trodden thoughts and be open to new experiences.

Scientists have been working on effective learning methods with some notable successes. On these pages you will learn how the brain and memory work, you will learn the method of mental activation training (MAT), a type of brain training, which is based on specific exercises to increase your memory power and concentration. Enjoy it! »

MAT Basistraining

Basic Training. These exercises train the ability to information acquisition and storage of information in short term memory.




Pictures. Everyday objects are hidden behind masks. You only can see excerpts. Guess the object!




Creativity. Leave patterns of thought and approach problems from different angles.




Logic. This type of task trains your analytical and logical thinking skills. In addition, the short-term memory is trained.




Memory training. Through these exercises, you learn to store information and to remember. Trainable information storage and memory.






 Find the right word

biggest towns

interactively taxable with mouse or finger

   Picture riddles


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